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November 9, 2012 - Permalink - 134 Comments
Dear Diary

 Today I went to have my hair cut  at Orchard Road with my mum at Lucky plaza as my mum say my long hair looks  haggard and wants me to cut my hair so  I will look more neater and we went to Orchard Road at 4pm and it was raining at Orchard,There wasn't anyone at the cute shop.I cut my hair long hair v-shaped and it looks much better and nicer and After that we went to Zara ,  List to  window shopping and headed to Robinson at Centrepoint  and It is a  Private event and there was a lot of people and I was invited to go for the event for all Robinson card-member and only those with the card can enter.We went in and they provide Finger food and it was delicious such as Hot Dog with  cheese, Cream puff, Chicken pie ,Marcoons,cheese cake,meatball and oreo cake and we kept eating and shop and after that we headed to the bedsheet department and we were given a $30 voucher and we bought a bed sheet  -Jean Perry Hotel Collection and it cost $ 318 and we save $231 and we pay only $50 and after that we were so happy and we went home.