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October 16, 2012 - Permalink - 81 Comments
Dear Diary

 this week is it is the first dayof my work at OCBC Centre at Raffles Placeand I was to report to the  Human Resource at OCBC  Centre West .I finally  took the right lift to the forty floor this time round.I went to the 40th floor to meet Miss Doris Choo to sign the bank secrecy act  form  till 10 plus before starting my day work at Enterprise banking at East of OCBC and it is located near Starbucks.I went to the 6th floor to report to Koh Soo Hoon and I don t know what to get hold of her.To cut the story short , I have met her and has to learnt alot of ropes from Ju Hui , who will be going on maternity leave.I had learnt alot from Hui ying about Call Schedule,D & B, Training Records. I am trying very hard to remember whatever she tells me as i had to master everything  before she goes away to give birth.Very Pressured .Ahhhh!Have been keep running round to pass documents on the first day of work.I cant remember everyone names.

After Work  went to meet my friend to collect my Chanel Earrings from her @ Hougang .Very tired and sick .Thats my first day at work.