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September 28, 2012 - Permalink - 17 Comments
Dear Diary
SunPlaza Park
It is a hot and sunny day and my uncle has finally agreed to go for a jog with us at the park near my house and there was alot of people  doing their Morning run and walk at the park.I was tired to go and was very lazy but I told myself I have to do something to myself before all the Calories are added to my body.I pressed the bell to ring my Uncle who lives next door to wake up because the doctor in the clinic told him to do so because he has Diabetes which is not a good sign and his sugar level is very HIGH. He had finally decide to do something .
49 Days

Well , I decided to do first as the weather this morning was so good and I does not like to do it in hot sun and guess who I saw ?  I saw a very weird guy at the park carrying balls in his hand and saw a woman talking to herself,  And I was surprised that I finally did   my run of  7 rounds of 5km without stopping and the motivation to continue doing it as I have not been doing for the pass few months .I will continue to do it .I have some pictures to share with you all of my hottest  picture of my sweetheartGoing to fall sick :(
Looks amazingly

HE has one of the best smile 

my Favourite picture
Flower boy Ramen Shop