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September 21, 2012 - Permalink - 3 Comments
Dear Diary
Nando's Chicken

I went with my parents and Uncle Robert to Johore early that morning as  we meet at Woodlands.It has been a  while since I last stepped in to JB  and I think it is the best time to go to JB  as it is now the mooncake festival and as my sister has always wanted mooncakes. The different flavours  from each stores. Well, while we were waiting for the long queue at Woodlands to board 950 into JB. First think that comes to my mind was what am I going to eat  , to do and what to see. My parents does not like Legoland and Premium outlet ? 

Upon arrival at JB , My uncle and my dad headed opposite City square to ammend my uncle  shirts length  as it was too long and he was unpleased with the service that they do and he was so pissed off as they did not want to help him  with the ammendments.He decided not to do instead .Headed off to City Square  for me and my mum shop at FOS saw a blouse I like but there wasn't my size and went to NANDO's  to wait for my dad and uncle to be back and I order my favourite 1/4  chicken , peri peri chips and New favor spicy rice .Wow amazing ! I was so hungry .After our lunch we headed to those mini shops where they sell Mooncakes and tried the Durian store selling everything durian.Loved the cake  .Try alot mooncakes and I told myself "DISCIPLINE" to much Calories.  It rained in JB.

Lavender mooncake 2012

Tong-ah mooncakes
My Favourite NY cheeseee cake

We all decided to go KSC City Mall to do some shopping and we took a cab from City Square -KSC City Mall - City Square and it was cheap 12 rmb. My uncle went for foot massage while all 3 of us went to shop, My mum wanted to service my ipod but was too expensive and decided not to. Saw my Favourite Chanel bag , so beautiful but did not purchase it .We bought biscuits from Lvl 3.Meet my uncle from foot massage and walk a little while before heading back to City Square. At City square bought three mooncakes peppermint chocolate , two egg ones . My uncle bought 4 mooncakes from Lavender  and bought alot of Bread and Secret Recipe 2  NEW YORK cheese cake and depart JB back to Singapore.Enjoyed myself.