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September 30, 2012 - Permalink - 23 Comments
Dear Diary

What a tired day ! I went for a urine 24 hour checkup and blood test  today to check if there is any problem with me at Changi General Hospitaland and I was sick as I am down with very bad cough and flu.It was my first time doing the urinary test and I felt so disgusted doing it .Everything would not eat like Chocolate, vanilla,coffee,cakes,ice-cream or anything contain sweetness.

My mum, my sister. my cousins Benjamin and Jolene ,Aunty Kelly Uncle Willie and Porpor to Tower Club for dim sum for lunch .It was located at Raffles Place.We ordered alot of delicious dim sum and is a time to get together to sit together to have lunch .Chatted and laughter watching Running Man .Did not manage to eat much as I just fall sick.

Mooncake Festival was good  yesterday ,was given by my dad Friend a box of swissotel moon cakes .Talking about mooncakes ,It is said to contain 900 calories, 4 1/2 hours to hours to burn out all those calories.It is really to scarry. Easy to eat but harder to lost weight.Back to the topic , we took alot of pictures at Tower club and my aunty have finally bought her iPhone 5.

I just cant wait to get my Iphone 5. Hoping to get well soon.