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October 10, 2012 - Permalink - 84 Comments
Dear Diary

my sister -NUS Econ student-School of Science

Today  I went to meet my sister and my mum to go to Kiseki Japanese buffetfor lunch as my sister has finished her paper and also commemorate my mum birthday this week.There was alot of people when we reached Orchard Central.Luckily reserved. The food was delicious and there is free flow of drinks and food and there is my favourite KIM CHI .My sister keeps taking the salmon and the sushi .I was so hungry as I ran 7 km this morning. We are not surpose to left any food  behind if not we have to pay of what we cant eat.After eating till we are full, my sister went to cut her hair short while me and my mum went shopping at Takashimya at Orchard Road.My mum saw the handbag she like which cost $389. Went to paragon buy some biscuits at a buck from M & S ( Mark and Spencer).Went to H & M to shop saw a nice  dress but was too loose so did not buy After that my sister wants to go 313 Somerset -Forever 21 , did not find anything suitable . They give away FREE POPULAR $10 VOUCHER  and my mum and sister was so happy and MANGO shirt,My sister bought stationery and  the kid book.We went home ,A  shocking news to let you all Know " My dad friend room in Cambodia was break in the morning and he lost his Iphone and Samsung Ipad and make police report and It happened in the morning " I dont know how it happen but was Shocking! 
Dessert- moshi moshi - mango pudiingin cup ,chef recommendation- choco  pudding
and mango pudding
tempura prawn , fried brinjal ,prawn and sushi
salmon head
Meat ball , terrayaki chicken stick , curry udon  and japanese
Japanese egg tofu with  japanese fish cake and carrots
Each of us eat one !
Healthy dish -Japanese shitaki mushroom ,cabbage ,vegetable
Moshi red bean and yellow moshi taste like lemon and the same puddings
as shown above!
Japnese butter rice, Mushroom pizza and Terayaki chicken
pizza BEST
Eaten Garlic Fried rice ! Super different taste

Pealed prawns
Dessert time - Chef Speciality -Choco cake , Peach cake and Lemon
Cake,  The glass box with red cherry is Cheese mango, plastic white box
is Green tea pudding with Red bean taste like green tea powder  and
Chef Recommendation-Choco Pudding
Chocolate Waffle- Green macha tea ice cream and cookies
and cream ice cream
Mum ate Waffle with Green tea macha ice cream ,sesame ice cream is-DISGUSTING
and taste like vanilia ice cream but is NOT VANILLA! 
green glass is Speciality  Mango cheese pudding,  green tea with red bean pudding
chef recommendation-chocolate pudding, BEST chocolate cake in the restaurant
peach cake and lemon cake
My mum say is Cheese cake but it is not ! Taste like Lemon cake
my mum