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November 5, 2012 - Permalink - 126 Comments
Dear Diary
New Dress worn by  Dionne

I was a little not well and almost vomitted as I had abad headache .It hurts alot but I felt a bit better .I dont know what happened  after my breakfast.I went to the dentist today to had my braces changed and it hurts so much that I would not bite and I have my braces change to  purple .I love this colour.I was the first patient.Oh no ! It cost me a bomb! As my braces bracket broke before and it cost 80 bucks.The doctor say I have Slight Improvement and was so happy .By the way ! Thanks everyone ! my grandma is better now and  I went to meet Dionne to Collect my dress ! I was offered a job near my place as they did aeroplanes whereby I just need to calculate their payrolls! The company is Aerospace.I was still deciding whether to take up the job.My dad friend isgoing back to Canada.
Dress with White blazer