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October 30, 2012 - Permalink - 72 Comments
Dear Diary 

I was not very happy as now I have no more job as I am no longer working in OCBC as they said I am Not suitable for the job and I am just a temporary staff.I went to the hospital to visit my grandmother who was admitted to the hospital as I was shocked to here that she was admitted when I came back home from work and was admitted to TTSH ( Tan Tock Seng Hospital) .The doctor say that her  blood veins were very narrow which lead to stroke and has diagnosed with High Blood  and Cholesterol of 200+ but had  slightly dropped over a few days.

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It was Disheartening to see the patients in the hospital so sick lying on the bed.My heart so hurts when I see themThere was one patient as her late  90s was lying on the bed and was almost dying .I wanted to cry when I see her suffered thou I do not know herMy aunt , My mum and I went down and when I heard that the old lady passed away yesterdayI cried as if she like someone  closed to me.I think I have a compassionate heart and Dont Know what I can do  and to understand when  a loved one passed away :(  Thats show we must treasure our loved ones.