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October 26, 2012 - Permalink - 90 Comments
Dear Diary

I felt very troubled and stressed up this week at OCBC bank  and I hate the me who I am now as I have been worried the woman leaving is going on maternity,Ju Hui and I have many thing to carry the burden and I am afraid I cant do the job well as I am not very confident in it as It is my first time doing this type of job and hold a very high responsibility and I have the strong guts that I might under-perform .Whats wrong with me.I feels that is no sense of belonging in that place despite having so much friends in my previous job and I don't like the people attitude in it .Thou some are nice people I wonder is this job a place where I should stay or not to. The road of path is getting HarderThis feeling is So hurting !!! I HATE this and I hate the people  in the Company  and I think they don't Know me WELL. love mr bean merchandise

Newly Painted pink  and white sweet heart nails
"NEW" my black nails- ribbon from Etude house