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July 23, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

My mum . my dad , Aunty kelly, Uncle Willie ,Porpor , Jolene and I went for dinner at Guan Hoe Soon at Joo Chiat place .We reached there around 7.30 pm.It was a long queeue of people waiting for their turns to be seated. I was feeling very tired at that time. Around 8, We got the table and we started ordering .The waiter who served us  keep forgetting that we have 7 people always missed out a person plate , cup and bowls . About 10 minutes all the food arrive at the table.  The soup, the fish, otah image and the rest came in . It was delicious ! Ate 2 plates of rice. soup was good ! Chatted and ate, and ordered a plate of "babi rendang " means chicken .  Drank Guava Juice and do you know what ! When we paid for the bill it was $175 .We all got shock as the otah cost $8 per piece and there was 2 pics .For .eg fish  (s) is 10 (m) 15 (l) 20 .it is 5times more expensive . I rather cook it myself . After dinner , we went to Aunty Kelly's car to collect my mum new NOKIA X3 phone brand isn't  New $325 .unused and alot of items .Went home after that .Enjoyed my dinner .