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June 29, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I took part in the Bestfriend and Couple Contest :b: which was held in facebook and it was hosted by Sweetiefunky wholesaler and I really hope to win this contest thanks all who have supported me all this time and really thanks to those who help me like  the photos ! The contest result is coming out soon ! Looking excited  just ranking the highest ! I have 111 likes for the contest currently the top and have won MILYWALKER contest and won myself a nice bracelt! Going to watch "Golden Fish " soon at 11.Love you guyys ! OMG ! I just broke my braces thing again I guess I  hope i wont get into HOT soup! I am contestant no 4 .

Contesting rank :
Contestant 1 -Anita Tjandra ( 29 likes)
Contestant 2 -Anisa Rijkiani almi ( 11 likes)
Contestant 3-Fei and JuJu (62 likes)
Contestant 4 -Me and Sweetie ( 111 likes)
Contestant 5-Novia Chairunnisa  ( 14 likes)
Contestant 6-dessy "uche" ... buerteh (24 likes)
Contestant 7 -Anita Ferotika (11 likes)
Contestant 8-Savira Puspita Ningrum  ( 0 likes)
Contestant 9-Syasya mohd(2 likes)
Contestant 10-Sarah ( 3 likes)
Contestant 11-Mulina (1 like)
Contestant 12-Xueping (2 likes)
Contestant 13-Senorhita Mabella ( 1 like)
Contestant 14-Nursyaqilah(23 likes)
Contestant 15-Dianne Grace S. Casil (74 likes)

RESULTS OUT already for the contest  I Won ! First Prize