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May 30, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear  Diary

Crab Apetitizer

I was pissed of when a lady who has just came out of the train hit and hurt my leg with a heavy object.There was alot of blood over  my leg which it happens at  Douby Gaut Station and she did not apologise! So Rude ! I was on the way to Clark Quay to meet to Tanya .Tanya ,Sir Han , my sister  and I went to Novotel for dinner at the Square Restaurant.It was a semi-buffet and Sir Han was late. Me and my sister met Tanya at the bridge. Thank goodness ! she has the plaster because blood keep flowing like a red river.  Thanks for  the souvenir from Hongkong ! We walk over to the Novotel Hotel .

Soon later around 7.30 pm .Sir Han arrives and we headed of to the  The Square for buffet. We ate alot of food till we drop dead.The food was very good. I wanted to join Sir Han and Tanya and went to their house but it was too late and my mum wants me to go home so sad !  We have great time and she is going to Bangkok till 4 June.

ME n My sis ate Barrmundi Fillet

Breast Chicken with Rice

Gilled Ribye Steak

Sir Han and Chocolate Fondue

Tomato Soup

Salads -Cold Pasta,Fish Salad,Prawns


Strawberry and Mango Pudding Fruits with White Chocolate Glass

Bread with Butter with Vanilla Sauce