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Dear Diary


On 12 May ,at 4.30 pm  I went out with Shuhua  to Orchard Road .We saw Mr Ow at the MRT station  at Tampines so surprised that he can  still remember our names and Miss Ang came chatted with me at S11 there so concidence cox it has been so long since I last stepped into my secondary school.We went to Takashimya to walk and Shuhua bought her chicken stick from Korean food  shop.Went to shop before going to Ion Orchard. The  shops are expensive then head off to Uniqo. I try out a jeans but couldnt wear .We went to Rubi shop . I saw my sister shoes on display @ 19.90.I did not purchase it cause I did not bring enough money with me.Shu Hua bought a grey slipper from rubi @ 4.95 .It was so cheap .We bougt Sushi to eat and went to Opera Gallery  to see the artworks  and Later, we headed down to Marina Bay Sands and tooks photos and saw alot of wedding couples got married.Walk and Walk and sit down before going home sweet home ! Bought two lovely bracelts.