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March 24, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

it is a day closer to my POLY results ! Omg ! it is gettin freaky scary  because it also happens to fall on the April Fool's Day .Time Flies freaky fast .my sister bought her iphone4 while i have to wait paitiently for my iphone5. The past few months after the day , I ended ITE life  .It is so boring.Except some days when my dad bought me to JB .The latest movie i ever watched is " The World Invasion ,Battle in L.A  " the show is about aliens invaded  the whole world and it was so freaky shocking My heart was beating non-stop faster then a Ferrari car.

Thats show the end of the world is coming soon.When  I read the news the past few days in the newspaper  about what had happen in Japan the  Tsunami and the Earthquake that kills alot of people .The magnitude was at the rate of 8.9 and spread to many places and the nuclear plant in Japan exploded and causes radiation and to the people affected . There are other earthquakes happening around the world.
Went to the dentist to adjust my bottom plate supper damn tight .