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February 27, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Little Twin Starz
It is the third day:face15: of my mouth plate on my teeth!  I have finally got use of it taking in and out and It does not hurt that much ! Praise the Lord  but it still cut my lips and it has some ulcers ad cut on my lips till it bleed .I was super happy that i have finally loss alot of weight since  I put my braces ,wisdom tooth and now mouth plate!

Dog bracelt
The past few days ,I have been drinking soup and bread for lunch and dinner .I felt so super good cause there isnt any calories.I  love it if not without puting braces I doubt  I can lost any weight ! THATS awesome !

My Love earing
Later today after speedlight ! Went blogshopping @ Minidolly Xkittencatsyoux Shop bought alot of stuff and spent alot of  money terrible ! I have to save money lerr ! Later that day went to look for my friend at Etude House which i had work for ! YUTING ! chatted with her for a while then went to look for SERAPHINA @ Silver corner! iIt has been a while since i last met her and we chatted aout the people who ill -treat me at Etude house manager " HELENA'' we talk about her and how rude she was !

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We chatted for a while before i went home  cause she has to return back to her ! It was nice meeting her again !
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