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February 14, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone ! I hope you girls have your pretty outfits for your Valentine's Day date! But if you haven't ,'s kinda too late but you certainly don't need a:58: reason for you to buy new clothes do you! So today I present to you !

We went to Johore Bahru  with my mum's friend from Vancover Canada to get a passport chop as she is here for a month  and we went in around 12 and surprising there wasnt any Jam.We went to Old Town Coffee shop for lunch and ate Hor Fun soup and  drank Lime Juice was so sour and my mum and Aunty Doreen fight to pay for the  bill and She went to the Leather shop to buy a passport holder  and a pillow for travelling. She Went for a Thai Massage which cost RM$93  and it is one hour so my parents and I went to Plaza Seni to alter the T-shirts @ Rm $6  and  One hour later we went back to see her and We purchase movie tickets " SHAOLIN" @ 4.40 pm as my mum's friend wanted to watch it as I feel like watching "WHAT A WOMAN WANTS .We went for break and eat Porteguse Tarts and ate Mee Xiam @ the same  place.

Went to catch the movie, Thou the movie , was quite boring I manage to keep myself alert .It was a 3 hr movie and It ended at 7 .There was when I finally woke up as it was so Bloody scenee too much Went to buy bread at Lavender and went for Tim Sum at Mr Baoz and went  home.It was my Valentine's Day at JB.