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 Dear Diary  
@ Pulai Springs Resort

Me, David and Amy

Amy and Me

On 17 Dec -19 Dec, We Went to Pulai Spring Resorts :58:for the REACHLIGHT ARISE CAMP .It was a great blessing to come before the Lord through this camp ! Before the camp on a sunday after serving in Speedlight Ushering ! why not i join the ARISE retreat ! Upon seeking upon the Lord ,When I was informed by Victor that was no place left . I seek the Lod by Praying and He answers .When I open my facebook i receieved a msessage by victor that there i places I was Glad that God Listerns and did wonderful Miracles . :face42:

Haggai Gp 10 pics @ Gleneagles

3 Days before the camp Started .I was feeling so pissed off and stressed up with the School Projects which i have to face which was though and my mind totally went blank and the Failures i went through such as the results that I have obtained from a g.p.a of 1.7 to a 2.0 .

Gp Pics

On the First day at the camp .I was like carrying a tortise shell full of burdens of times when I totally wanna give up ! I surrendered everything to him and I felt a sharp cry coming from God through the songs and messages and a voice coming from God and the Spiritual Calling . I told myself I wanna a Change in the ways things are ! By God 's Grace I am transform and changed through the faith of God.

Beside e elephant Castle_Gp pic

The Night during the camp ,When I was in the room As i wouldnt sleep .I decide to Read his word and seek upon him and as Dr Tan was talking about the topic on blessings :"the spiritul realms and circular realms i was touched and I was truly blessed by the message and I surrendered everything to him.

Irene,Christel n ME

Despite the tiredness during the camp ,I decided to pay attention to what God has to say .Well, upon lying on my bed after the sermon " I went to my room and after reading finish Ephesians 3 .I pray to God to Change things are and I sang " Change my heart O God may it ever true...." I felt the rest in my heart .

Second Day at the camp I felt my worries left no more ! Praise the Lord ! By God Grace I have overcome it and felt the comfort that God Gave me the strength .Early morning when i was in the quiet room I decided to continue reading his word and the word of God in chapter 6 .What God say was without obedience that was NO Peace with God .  

First Lunch @ Cinta Ayu

 First and 2nd Day Dessert  

On the Third and Final day in the camp was that as I was having the last few hours after lunch as there was nothing i can do but except READING his word and i would read the word and seek upon the Name of the Lord and be save and the words of songs of lyrics came freshing in my mind " I will run the race to see your face ,Not by power ,not by might but by the spirit of God "  

In a nutshell ,By GoD grace i am saved through Faith and changed by grace cox he can do wonderous miracles in our lives :)