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February 17, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

HELLO BACK! (:  In holiday mood now actually affter my presentation !Anyway , I went bugis with girlfriendsss~! (:  Shuhua :D Ok Shopping = MONEY FLYFLY! )): BUT CNY is here! hehehehhe! money come come already! ::DDDD We Went to Douby Gaut to look for my friend at Etude House as she is working there and chat with her for a little while before going Orchard Ion.We went to look for a drink and  I drink Milk Green Tea .Later at 5.15 then went to meet the blogshop WEI  to collect MELISSA's Anti Radiation Stickers .

After that we went to  bugis then when to buy myself a dress  ,, Ok shop shop shop !! GIRLS FAV! :D went to eat i ate my Kimchi Ramen

Then after that headed home sweet home .Anyway! Since i am having "holiday" now! i have been online shopping for CNY clothes too ! haahh AND ALSO  i have alot nice wedge! BUT I WANT MORE!! I mean which girl will complain they have too much clothes , shoes or money!?! NO ONE RIGHT?! HAHAHA ALWAYS NOT ENOUGH THE LO!

OK ANYWAY! if you have any nice blogshop you can share with me too :DD D HEHEHE!

    my new dress