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February 20, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments

Dear Diary

Today , I went to church  as usual as I did not know what  to do and it has be a long time I last went to cellgroup was 2 weeks before CNY and I was freaky busy with stuff such as Projects and presentation web page and many more in school and had hardly enough time for myself.

 I went to cell @Golden Pines and learnt alot from Victor through John 19 and the  maniscripts of the bible of the 25 000 copies .Went to serve at Speedlight in usher Ministry .Serving God and Giving him all despite the circumstances during the week . I love the message Teacher Gracia speak at speedlight in chapters 2 Tessalonians 5 31-33.
After speedlight , went to  get my proposal from Amanda at her house  and i walked to Tampines Mrt to meet Xinyi to collect stuffs from her .I was running hot and sticky like a hot oven just toasted like a piece of hot bread  as i was rushing out late to meet her.
It was concidence that  I saw my mum cell friend at Mrt .Soon later I went  home .:face60:

 My new Bracelt
My new hair band

My Favourite rubber band