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Dear Diary

It is the final submission  for my to my PJT proposal and I am finally so relieved  as I have finally cleared it AOA is done too! I was quite stress  with the project as most of the time i did the project and was really very stress with the parts in my proposal,re-edit the statement of deviations  in the project and after that went for lunch with Melissa ,Thomas , Nikita, Maslinda  at Campus Heaven ! We laughed and joked alot .

Then later that day went to shop at Century Square ,T1 and Tampines Mall .Bought a lovely nice heart shape hairband . Then I read more about the mouth plate and  read this
much anomalies arise in infancy mainly through sucking by the child on the thumb, on fingers, or on sucking bodies. Frontal mouth plates cure this sucking habit. They are carried between the lips and the rows of teeth in the mouth. Injurious sucking is thereby prevented. Additionally, the carrying of the frontal mouth plate operates prophyl actically. The training of the tooth position is thereby achieved and jaw anomalies averted. Finally, through the sucking action occurring during the wearing of the frontal mouth plate in infancy, an orthodontic effect on deformed deciduous teeth can be obtained, in which, through lip pressure and sucking of the apparatus against the teeth rows of the denture, tooth position and jaw anomalies are controlled as a form of early treatment.
Known frontal mouth plates are specially made and fitted to the respective patient. These apparatuses are, however, expensive and, according to the habits of the patients, frequently only with difficulty realize intended result.
Further it is known to employ prefabricated frontal mouth plates (cf. the paper of E. Schonherr: Report Regarding 10 Years Experience with Frontal Mouth Plates, in "Deutsche Stomatogie", Volume 21, March 1971, No. 3, Pages 217-223).

Such frontal mouth plates are bent on a radius. The radii or curvatures vary according to a standardized progression. With the use of these plates, pressure points are observed. They hurt and disgust the child wearing the plate. To avoid such problems these frontal mouth plates are additionally fitted.
Frontal mouth plates are formed, as a rule, out of a special thermoplastic material. With prefabricated frontal mouth plates, a loop is inserted in a single piece projection of the plate, through which a ring is pulled which hinders the swallowing of the plate. In the projection, and also in the ring, the existing and particularly undercut, surfaces are difficult or impossible to clean and form breeding places for injurious germs.

The present invention is directed to the provision of a new form of a frontal mouth plate which may be fitted without individual adjustment, to any number of patients and also to the formation of such apparatus, the manufacture of which is simplified and the hygiene of which is improved.
The attainment of the foregoing is achieved by a plate which is curved more sharply in the middle of the plate than on the ends of the plate.
With a normal bite, the teeth in the jaw are arranged from the front teeth to the back teeth along a line with decreasing curvature. As a result, the new frontal mouth plate accommodates the desired teeth position from the beginning. It also possesses a better prophylactic effect. Particularly pressure points are eliminated with the wearing of the new plate.
In particular, the curvature of the new plate is approximately elliptical. This elliptical curvature corresponds better to the ideal development of the teeth and the jaw. This elliptical curvature is, in practice, attained through suitably different radii of curvature of the plate. In orthodontic practice the best development is obtained when the radius of curvature of the middle of the plate is proportional to the radius of curvature of the ends of the plate as 3:4, whereby the curvature radii defining surfaces of the plate are uniformly merged together.
Additionally, simplified manufacture of the apparatus is simultaneously obtained because the necessary injection molding die is lighter to work with.
According to the invention, an appropriate extension for the holder arranged in the middle of the plate carries, preferably on two opposite lying surfaces, round projections corresponding to depression in faces of a slit holding ring. The frontal mouth plate is further simplified because the present ring is slit and the apparatus is formed only out of only two relatively movable connected parts. The improvement in hygiene arises in that the parts, if necessary, can be separated from each other. The projection possesses no undercuts or depressions for its connection with the movable ring, so that the plate and ring by their separation can in every way be thoroughly cleaned.  OMG I'm freaky scarred 3 more days!