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February 28, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary 

Taiwanese talk show host Dee Hsu’s marriage comes under the spotlight again.A blogger named Wang, had stated recently that a husband of a well-known host has been having an extra-marital affair. He claimed that the wife has been  putting up with her husband’s indiscretions so as to maintain her public image.  

While Wang did not name
 anyone specific, netizens have speculated that Dee is the host he mentioned in his blog. Dee’s husband  Mike Hsu had been photographed previously at a bar flirting with girls.

Yang Lan, a popular talk
 show host from China was also speculated alongside with Dee.

Wang also claimed that the husband is having an affair 
with an actress, whom he met through work. The couple is believed to have started out as friends but their relationship deepened soon after.

Wang reportedly said that the
 host threw a tantrum after learning about the extra-marital affair. She initially decided to file for divorce but has since agreed to a separation in order to maintain her public image. The host reportedly chose to keep mum even after seeing her husband traveling overseas with his lover.