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March 6, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary
It has been a while since  I last posted for the month ,Well ,This week seems to be a  noisy week! WHY ! there is a new neighbour moving in to my house below me .There is alot of renovation noise coming in and It got me freaky pissed of and my freaky plate in my mouth cuts my mouth til it bled and there is ULCER and it hurts . My parents just return from Vietnam and the past few days  I have been watch drama during the holidays and  time flies as it is already March .I cant believe it .

Went to te library to borrow some books as i am freky bored as i m waiting for my results to get into RP .Hope my application to Poly is a SUCCESS ! I am now reading LINDSEY KELK 's book on I heart New York .It is freaky nice to read. I am totally addicted to my book !:face15: