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May 5, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Yesterday ,I went out to collect some stuff from the online shop Minidolly Kittencatx yourshop  ,My jacket ,my sister iphone cover and etc. We were so freaky pissed off cause my sister say the person who gave us the her item ordered wrongly and we were so freak out and we kept complaining! My cuzzie from Hk is coming back soon on 24 May   and she told me to plan for her birthday outing .Whats your view !  On birthday! My cuzzie from my mum side came on Sunday to collect their things .We all chat and its like some long time we did not met since CNY .
OmG! Upcoming Monday is coming soon ,A time to see Doctor Quake again to do my braces and really time flies.My dad has recently be back from SEOUL! He bought alot of seaweeds like 20 packets and some Korean accessory for us .Super Happy.