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May 1, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Everyone's talking about it. So if you're expecting me to fangirl about the Royal wedding of Will and Kate, then you probably don't know me very well. I'm not a fan of weddings. I attend them 'cause it's always a good excuse to dress up and pig out but other than the celebrating stuff, I would gladly, willingly choose to stare at a lettuce leaf for the whole afternoon than sit through the entire rigmarole. This goes for both 'commoner' and 'royal' weddings.

This post does touch the royal wedding topic a bit, but it is not the central idea.

The central idea would be this man right here:

and his irresistible adorableness throughout the entire royal affair.

Meet Prince William's unbald, hot, sort of crazy baby brother, Harry!!! The first time I heard about him was the time of Dianna's funeral. My mom wouldn't let go of the remote so instead of spending quality time with my cartoons, I was forced to join her and the world in mourning for the princess. I didn't know who Dianna was and as a kid who knew nothing more important than Tom and Jerry whacking each other silly, it was something I didn't care to know more about.

Then my mother just had to mention that she was a real princess and all of a sudden, the funeral sky-rocketed to the peak of my interests. Disney had this effect on me. So she has two sons, two princes, and one just happens to share his birthday with me.

September 15 babies - you should totally date them. *shameless plugging thanks to shameless ego*

So... because for God's sake he's the real deal Prince Charming whose adorableness wormed its way into a million girl's hearts in a span of 4 hours including mine, because I got obsessed as well and Tumblr wasn't helping make the addiction stop with a 'Harry appreciation posts' flood, and because I had open on my browser, this was kind of inevitable.

*WARNING: weirdness and extreme Royal British fangirling taken to the next level in the following posts

If you're still with me...

Presenting, mine and Harry's spawn via Morphthing:

Here is a picture of the actual baby Harry being all cute in his blue outfit and maryjanes:

You decide.

I'm not completely delusional... YET. Just couldn't resist imagining what it would be like to marry a prince even if you're not a princess.
Aaaaah!!! Now I think I have too many British biases! Will and Kate are married. The world got what they wished for - witness a Royal wedding. Harry is single and nothing hurts.And in lieu with the Royal Wedding hype, I've finally decided on my make-up for my cousin's wedding in which I was chosen to be one of her bridesmaids.

It's the no-make-up make up look!!! Since it's summer, I just want my face to stay as fresh looking as possible. Shades would be focused on nudes and earthy colors. Definitely no bold tones. No thick and cake-y foundations also. Everything will be light except maybe for the eyes which I will be toying with for a Tsubasa Masuwaka look.And with that, I end this Royal fangirling and leave you with mine and Prince Harry's faces morphed together.