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March 31, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary
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In Rememberance of Granny in the photo with us

On Wednesday , my granny was not feeling well and claims she has stomach pain and she could not shit and she keeps vomitting and it started at 6pm and both my parents and I went to JB to run some errands so we do not know what happened. They both claim to be  food poisoning and my auntie came over that afternoon and my granny refuse to go to the hospital and she took  the medicine to ease her VOMITTING.She went to bed to take a rest .A while later,She was better till the next morning around 5 plus she vomitted again, my mum called the ambulance and my mum went to get herself changed. Less than five to ten minutes ,My uncle who lives with my grandma next door  called and say she was breathless  ,she then pass away 
So sad .The ambulance came but  it was too late.I was shocked cause both me and my sister was still sleeping .When we heard it ,I was still very shocked and I cried and Cried and Cried . Went over and saw her body .OMG ! her head was still feeling very hot and I shouted "AH MA !  AH MA !  AH MA !  AH MA !  AH MA !  AH MA !  " It was like so sudden that she go off so fast at the age of 83. I miss Her ! The Doctor certified as a Natural Death which was recomended by the police!

The Funeral was held today ,yesterday and cremation tommorrow @ Mandai at 5 pm .Feeling so lonely NO More grandparents.Really missed them and my results to poly was UNSUCCESSFUL ! so much Misery .Full of Regrets

But I am also Blessed in someway that they are Saved in Jesus Hands  in Heaven ! It is the day to remember granny 's death and dad's birthday