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May 19, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Steph and I went met at Bedok Mrt Station , at 1.20pm. before heading down  to  our mummy and lectuerer  Miss Lim's house to visit her and her newborn baby boy Edward Joel Sun at Mountbatten Road at 30 Cersia block. When  we reach Mountbatten  Mrt station ,we  were almost lost in getting there.Steph and I took a cab down to her place and realise it is just a few miles to her house .When we reached her house , we went in.

When we were inside her house , We met her and saw her mother-law, while we waited for her to feed her Edward  milk and was so glad to see her .She came out and we saw her baby boy and her 3 yr old baby girl .She asked how was I doing ! She gave me a stunt look " You retaking your course " .I told her YES ! in Business Banking In Bishan next year . After that we went home cause our teacher need bring her daughter to see the doctor .