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May 23, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I went to collect my certificate from my school yesterday at last .Wow at last my mummy won't start nagging from me again to go collect my certificate .I went to meet my sister to go to the dentist as she needs to see the dentist to clean her teeth.I was almost late to meeting her because we need to eat first before seeing the  dentist because it may hurts.I collect my items from my blogshop and met my sister on board the train and headed down towards Clark Quay .

Upon reaching Clark Quay ,We went to eatch Mushroom and chicken pizza in the Market place @ Central .It cost $6.95 and we both ate 2 each .At around 4.16pm ,I reach he dentist office.OMG .There are alot of people .Waited a long time for my turn so the dentist nurse ask me to call  my sister to come up .2 Patients went in waited for my turn around 30 -45 minutes .To Cut the story Short went in to changed my mouth plate .OMG  there's wire on my new mouth plate .So cool and It can be bended.My sister has to put mouth guard cause the doctor say she grind her teeth .Haha .Who asked her to laugh at me ! After all those my dad came and pay for us ,We all went to Fine Cuts and ate pork chop for both my sister and my dad and I ate Chicken Chop thou my teeth hurts .Well It was nice time out with my sister.

Chicken and mushroom Pizza

Mushroom Soup @ Fine Cuts

 my sister and dad ate Pork Chop @ Fine Cuts

my Chicken Chop