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Dear Diary

The Long waiting food everyone waiting for -Tofu, Kailan,Chicken

My sister, Me , my parents and the whole family  went to Ang Mo Kio to celebrate Por Por 's  birthday at MELBEN.It is said  to be very popular with the crowd  and there  was a long queue of people queeuing up to the meal .We all waited for almost an hour and a half for a table.MELBEN  is famous for its crab soup and noodles.While waiting for the table to be ready, my parents  and Aunty kelly started choosing the dishes that we will be eating .It was around 7.00pm where we got our table and soon the food arrives .It was a long wait for the the food to arrive!  yummy  isn't it ! The Crab soup, the Tofu , the Chicken  and the Kailan vegetables came in.The food was  Heavenly .We enjoyed ourselves very much.

Seasons -White Chrysanthum tea

White noodle with Crab soup ( add-on)

Crab Noodle Soup


The items that i have collected  BOF Earing

The Bof Necklace collected.