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June 12, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

Justin Ngien and Shimin Ngien
It was the wedding day for Justin and ShiminPhotobucket and it was held at Lighthouse at 9.30am and I was invited for this happy occassion to celebrate the joy with them.I was helping out as an usher that day.It was my first time attending a church wedding which was invited by Gazel .I saw many people was invited to this event .It was so glad to see both them happily married and be together as one. Justin's marriage vows was good such as it was a like a testimony such as '' Prophet,Priest ,Provider and Protector "Shimin looks good in her nice gown and after the whole event we went for reception and chatted with Jesslyn and Isabel . Have a wonderful time! Congratulation J and S !

Justin  and shimin reading his thanks the guest through his Ipad

Shimin and Justin walking down the aisle

Happily married looks down the aisle for the couple

Justin and Shimin Kissed scene

The vows made infront of the witness

Justin vows to Shimin

Shimin walking down the aisle with the father

 Later in the noon,  I went to meet Net Net to collect my bag which I bought from her and it was nice meeting her ! Ily mei  and collected stuff from Dionne a present earring.

Net Net mei and Me

A present earing bought from Dionne (Crazishopping's blogshop)

Net Net red bag bought from her ! Nice