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Dear Diary

 My mum, my sister and I went for a haircut at Uncle Lawerence shop at Orchard Road and I had my hair cut fringe bangs and V-shaped hair cut.I refuses to cut my hair because  I wanted to watched Glass Castle and was so angry.In the End I went to cut and there want many people at the hair salon.First customer. We went for a lunch buffet at the Straits Kitchen. The food was nice and we ate alot till I wanted to VOMIT  .I love the durian icecream and Carrot cake best .My sister and I went to the dentist at Clark qauy. My sister got a Mouth guard haha and it was a five minute thinggy.I was waiting for my turn and was almost scolded by my dentist as my gums are not Clean.Blood gushes out my face and I had to used PAPER clip to push down my teeth .The dentist broke part of my braces wire. After the dentist we went to Ion to shop,My sister bought a sandals from RUBI and headed to Wisma  Forever 21 ,Cotton On to try on some clothes.Headed to Far East to shop but did not buy anything .Err! my legs no strength .Walk over to 313 Somerset and went into Forever 21 try out te white skirt ,black shorts they are too loose. Went to Hula Co I try out this dress which was so funny and my sister bought a bag from there.  We went home after that had a wonderful time with my sister !

Singapore Laksa -fishball n taupok

Fish and Chicken
Sweet Corn and Durian Icecream


Watermelon,pear and Honeydew