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June 14, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I went to JB with my parents with Rita and Walter .At the Immigration Counter at JB .I was pisseed of because  the girl who was infront of me take up so much of our time ! Did the two finger thing ! I thought I have done it before my dad did not do it .It is just like a stamp on your passport. To cut the story short  I think the Malaysians is so unsystematically in doing such things ? After clearing the Checkpoint went for lunch at PappaRich and I ordered a bowl of spicy curry .It was the NEWLY opened restuarant.It was nice and sumptous and it wasnt expensive at all.We all went to catch a movie called X-Men  First Class at 2.35pm.It was a nice movie very exciting .The red devil remind me of Satan (lucifer sins to harm the innoncent blood) and the Poland war "Halocaust " against the Jews.It is so sad that so many innoncent was killed .After the movie we went for JCO donuts and ate " OREO donuts and my dad ate avacado donuts and they drank coffee.we went for dinner at Nandos.I ate the same dish again! Went to Padini to buy my heartshape diamond watch and headed to buy bread before going back home .Had a wonderful time at JB.