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July 22, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary
It was a long tiring day at work , finally started :u: keying data for accounts in VANCE. I manage to finish half of my work that day .It wasnt hard . I seems to fall in love with accounts !I have been very busy the whole week and had lunch with my department people and the director  I was working till 6.45 pm and went to meet my cousin Benjamin for dinner at Clark Quay korean restaurant . We ordered alot of food:face52: such as Kimchi soup, korean pancake,fish ,rice and a cold roasted barley .The food tasted good and it has a good ambience .Ate 5 plates of Kimchi .The song they played are the korean dramas. He treated me dinner and it cost $33. After dinner went to drank ice coffee at the coffee house. Left the place at 1045 pm as he is going back to army . Enjoyed myself and went home to rest as there's work tommorrow !