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June 30, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I went for job interview at Pennisula Plaza  at City Hall .I was pretty nervous as usual. It was a Wisma recruit where I had my interview at.When I arrive at the interview place .I thought it was something nice office which I previously when was at Recruit Express a interview    place at Takashimya. The Interviewer gave me a form to fill in and I was stunned why there is a thing called " Impression on the interviewee" .After passing up the form the interviewer asked me what was the longest period I worked  which was MINISTRY OF MANPOWER:face31:. and gave brief description what I did  I went blur because it was so long I was working there and then she asked me what my expacting salary $6.50-$7.A part time job.She later realise I was familiar the one who went to a Korea trip with her and her mum! I was shocked and I told her I see and she said she added me on Facebook and my name  was CHLOE  . After that went to DBS Treasures at Raffles City to have a cup of Hot chocolate and cookies before going to the Esplanade library ,Borrowed Dvd of " The Last Train" , 17 again and Avatar . Actually wanted to borrowed Wedding Dress a korean movie but only can borrowed two .Found Money at Burger King !