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July 6, 2011 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

I went for job interview at VANCE Group Pte Ltd .I was pretty  nervous as usual. It was a temporary job which  Wisma recruit had found for me .When I arrive at the interview place .I thought it was something nice  and impressive but It was okkay. It was at Stamford Court.:3:There was a secret code to get in to the office so I waited and a lady by the name of Miss Mary Cheng interviewed me and she was amazed by the result that I have achieved and she thought I was a full time accounts clerk. They were trained me:r: she said . I felt relived and she asked me when can I start work? Tommorrow ! I agreed and I was posted as an Accounts department asssistant . I was very happy and headed down to DBS Treasures to meet my dad who is at there and we drank a cup of HOT chocolate before going Home ! Looking forward to start work .