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Chapter 198. Review Of the Suspicious Housekeeper Kdrama
October 26, 2013 - Permalink - 2 Comments
Dear Diary
 Hello Guyys ! How have your week been ! I  am feeling tired after a long week at work and I decided to catch a new Korean Drama  " The Suspicious Housekeeper " which was acted by winter Sonata Actress Choi Ji Woo.It was a very interesting story and something new ! It is about   Eun Sang-Chul  ( Lee Seung Jae) and his four children encounter difficulties after the sudden death of his wife.Then a suspicious housekeeper  named Park Bok-Nyeo ( Choi Ji Woo) appears.Because of the house keeper ,Eun Sang-Chul and his children faces various cases and family members who hate each other and begin to experience love and reconcilation. 

It is indeed a much watch for me as I think the director of this drama makes it unique and funny and why is Bok Nyeo Suspicious ! What the boss ask her to do ? She will do like eg. Kill Someone she will do ? The casts are as follows:
The Suspicious Housekeeper-Choi Ji-Woo.jpgThe Suspicious Housekeeper-Lee Sung-Jae.jpg
Choi Ji-WooLee Sung-Jae
Park Bok-NyeoEun Sang-Chul
Kim So-HyunThe Suspicious Housekeeper-Chae Sang-Woo.jpgThe Suspicious Housekeeper-Nam Da-Reum.jpgThe Suspicious Housekeeper-Kang Ji-Woo.jpgThe Suspicious Housekeeper-Wang Ji-Hye.jpg
Kim So-HyunChae Sang-WooNam Da-ReumKang Ji-WooWang Ji-Hye
Eun Han-GyeolEun Doo-GyeolEun Se-GyeolEun Hye-GyeolYoon Song-Hwa