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Chapter 188. Lee Kwang Soo Fan-Meeting in Singapore
August 17, 2013 - Permalink - 8 Comments
Dear Diary

Generous fan service

I was not a top notch for Lee Kwang Soo as he is currently in Singapore now !.I just somewhat like him being funny in Running Man and feels somewhat funny when he is Known as "Betrayer and Giraffe"  It sure did not feel like it was Lee Kwang Soo’s first fan-meeting session as the 1.9 meters tall entertainer easily charmed fans with his innate sense of humor and charisma at Resorts World Sentosa last Saturday. I did not go for the Fan meeting as I had something on and Something to share with you guyys.

Mesmerising stage performances

It was held at the Festive Grand Theatre, the Singapore fan-meet was the 28-year-old’s virgin experience in his entertainment career. Kwang Soo, who shot to fame after being a regular cast in popular Korean variety show, Running Man, was grateful for the great hospitality of Singaporean fans.
While there were minor hiccups along the way with his performances, Kwang Soo redeemed himself with his signature robot dance, hilarious antics and generous fan service.
Miss: Forgetting the first verse of a song

Kwang Soo, who was extremely nervous that day, suffered a few minor setbacks with his performances that evening. Perhaps singing isn’t his strongest talent; he was a little shaky with his vocal pitch for 'Hug' and had later forgotten the starting verse to 'Because It’s You'.

Instead of trying to cover up for his mistakes, the lanky multi-hyphenate giggled shyly on stage, exposing his faults all at once. Later when asked about his bloopers, Kwang Soo then burst into laughter and confidently replied, “This has never happened to me before.”His adorable self-assurance was a pleasant cover-up and we can't help but fall for his charm. After all, this is the latter’s first fan-meeting session.

 There's definitely room for improvement.While he may not be the best singer as compare to the other A listers in the industry, the Asian Prince definitely knows to make the fans like us Happy.

Not only does he fulfill the usual fan service like autographs and photos, this friendly idol adhered to impromptu requests without much hesitation. This included doing more than what was required, like a kiss on the forehead or a piggy back ride.
Learning to speak our language

It is a joy to watch Kwang Soo pick up Malay and Chinese phrases.When ask to demonstrate his new phrases that learnt like  抱抱 ( which means hug in chinese) , he quickly shield away away and mistook for bobo in korean -Kiss!  
A heartwarming encouragement video

Apart from getting to see Running Man’s beloved maknae (the youngest member in the group), fans were in for a treat as an exclusive video from the rest of the running man cast was shown, nearing the end of the show.
Knowing that it was Kwang Soo’s first overseas fan-meet, the running man cast (Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, HaHa and Ji Suk Jin) had decided to film a short clip to encourage their ‘betrayer’. Started in 2010,Running Man was an instant hit and members of the show were as close as family, despite the competitive relationship shared onscreen.

Miss Wears the Giraffe Suit?