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Chapter 186. My Hearthrob Boyfriend- JoongKi Enlisted
August 9, 2013 - Permalink - 6 Comments

Dear Diary

Hi Lovies ❤ It is so disheartening to see my heartthrob actor and my Korean boyfriend Song Joongki to be enlisted to  the army  boot camp and will be the first star to enter  after he had abolished and he will be going to Choon Chun 102 base .The Department of Defense announced on July 18, "It seems that our maintenance had been lacking and we will take responsibility for it. After discussing the matters, we have decided that the celebrity army will be abolished."Many had been curious if Song Joong Ki will be continuing on his strikes from his movie "Wolf Boy" and KBS2 drama "Innocent Man" or if he will go into the army, taking a break from his popularity. This curiosity often brought rumors, and during last month's rumors, Song Joong Ki's agency had said, "He hadn't even received an enlistment yet. He will be going in when he receives it without delaying it, but it's not happening yet.

There were some casting hopes for films and lots of offers floating around, but for the most part Song Joong-ki has known that the army would call sooner rather than later.He did announce earlier this year that he wouldn’t ask for extensions to delay enlistment at this point, so in retrospect it seems smart not to have picked up a project and end up having to bail mid-shoot. Sadly not unheard of in dramaland. Now that there’s no longer an entertainment unit in the military, it’s equal active duty for all actors and civilians alike, and Song Joong-ki just happens to be the first celebrity who’s enlisting after the decision has been made.

No new movie aside (too bad he didn’t have enough time to pull a Lee Je-hoon and shoot stuff that could be released while he was serving), he’s leaving on as solid a platform as you can have pre-army: a conventional melo like Nice Guy, a popular film like A Werewolf Boy, and two hit sageuks Tree With Deep Roots and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I think it’s safe to say no one will forget about him.I figure the only way to soothe the pain is with pretty pictures, so here’s his latest photo shoot, an ad campaign for Samsonite with Monstar’Ha Yeon-soo. I’m sure it’s just the first of many many “last photo shoots before army,” but I don’t think we’ll tire of that anytime soon.I will Miss you and Saranghaeyo Joongki!