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Chapter 185. Phantom Of the Opera
August 6, 2013 - Permalink - 7 Comments
Dear Diary 

After my work at Trade Service Department, the volume was high and had to teach my new colleague the job and there was a lot of things to be taught and yet today my parents and I were meeting me later at Marina Bay Sands to watch a Musical Play " Phantom of the Opera" and I was so happy that I can watch it.What I love of Phantom of the Opera is that hey have nice songs.It was really full house and we had a glimpse of the Australian cast. It was really nice to watch and to see it in MBS .It is my second time watching musicals at MBS and the first musicial that I have watch was Wizard  Of  OZ.Watching the Phantom of the Opera musical broadway  was really very good and you have to watch it.

I really enjoy myself and it is a great time as it has been a long wait since Phantom of the Opera came back to Singapore.Went to meet my friends later on and she got me this wonderful items. 

Jandi Earrings - In Boy Over Flowers-KDrama