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Chapter 176. Seoul Trip Part 2
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Dear Diary 

It has been my favourite places in Seoul as there are many nice things you can buy there and the nice designs that you can buy at a reasonable price .If you like the cold weather you can go in early April to see the Cherry bossoms,They are so pretty, did not see much when I was there.The food was delicious and they serve each meal with Kimchi and Radish.

Day 4-(Everland)
My sister ,dad and I decided to go to Everland theme park as they have not been there before ,while I went with my mum way back in 2009 and this place is a Must go place if you love rides ,flowers and amusement parks and the weather here was cloudy and it rains. We took a train from Line 1 and transfer to  Gangnam station  Line 2  and exit 6 and walk straight where you see Giordano and Paris Croissant and take bus 5002 to Everland .The Bus price was 2000 W per person  and it took us 40 minutes and slept on the bus and transfer to the Everland Bus to Everland and the fees for foreigners are pretty  cheap 44000 W  for rides and 36000 W for admission and bring along your passport for cheaper discount and took a few rides which was awesome especially the LOST VALLEY and the safari zoo and the flower gardens which I love most .We stay till like 7 pm before taking a bus - train back to hotel and we try LOTTERIA fastfood when we arrive at our hotel stop as the stalls are closed.

Day 5-(Myeongdong -Beef bone Soup -Brilliant Legacy ost place)

We went to Myeongdong exit  6  Line 4 to shop as my sister tells me that there were a street of cosmetics products  that gives out free face mask whenever you walk pass it and the street was very long and there were many things to shop like Forever 21, H n M ,Uniqlo  and we walk into every cosmetics shops which gave us many items.My sister bought  a lip gloss from Natural Republic alongside with her face cream which cost 16000 and I bought my Pink Nail Polish -3000 W from Tony Molly  and My face toner and emulsion cost 18000W. We walk into ROEM shop and saw a nice ribbon blue bag bought it at 49000W.It so pretty and My sister bought 2 bags at 10000w each.I bought a Christian Dior set 6000W.We went for dinner at Beef bone soup along the street which they film the korean drama BRILLIANT LEGACY .It was nice and cheap.Went back to hotel after a long day.Bought myself a pair of nice Leather shoe at 25000W.

APIEU Cosmetics

Day 6-(Times square -Insadong)

My dad bought the whole family to Insadong  at Angguk station exit  6 Line 3 to shop.It is the religion festival for the korean and many people were carrying the lotus lantern around, took pictures with the korean people. and we didnt buy much much as the things there were not cheap and nice and we shop at TIMES SQUARE which is the biggest shopping mall in Seoul there were nine storeys of shopping sites and my dad bought his shirt there and the clothes design are nice and they have offers .Ate bbq at Bulbogi Brothers.They were so nice to help us BBQ the food and it taste so GOOD.

Day 7-(Yeupuido Full Gospel Church-Dongdaemeun-Ehwa Women University)

We went for the early services at Yeupuido Full Gospel Church at National Assembly station Exit 9 which was one of the largest church in korea with a million over Korea netizens.The service was interesting as there are interprepration for foreigners like us and after an hour we went for lunch at Bibigo the healthy food had hot stone kimchi fried rice and it taste so nice and later we all headed to Dongdaemeum to continue the rest of the malls and bought alot of dress this time and shoes and we went to Ehwa Women University street Line 2 exit 2 to shop and there was a wide spread of females clothes for young teenage girls and cheap clothes.I bought a 610000 W dress which is so Korean designer brand dress and  it so pretty and nice.You guyys if you going there must try HUNGRY BOSS their food range are nice and cheap.We Check out Courtyard Marriott toward Novotel Ambassdor hotel at Gangnam.

National Assembly

Yeuipdo Full Gospel Church 

Ehwa Women University Street

Dongdaemeum water Canal behind Celestar
Day 8- (Gangnam-Novotel Ambassdor )
It was our last night and we arrive  at Gangnam  Novotel Ambassdor at Sinnohyeon Station exit 11  in Seoul and we decided to do our shopping at Gangnam underground street where the clothes are cheap and reasonable at the range of 5000- 10000 W and my sister bought her dress at 5000W and I bought my blue korean designer wedges 10000W and it is really nice went to do a bit more of shopping before going for dinner and at the last minute we saw alot of BBQ shops after dinner and we miss it.We went to COCOBRUNI barista and Chocoletta for dessert of snowice which is famous in korea. It is so huge that it took us so long to complete. Went back to pack our luggage.My sister bought the same shoe with me a leather one at 24000.

Gangnam station -Exit 11

Samsung Electronics Mall

Day 9-(Seoul-Singapore)

It is our last minute shopping as we depart from Gangnam Novotel Ambassdor back to Courtyard Marriott to collect our luggages and my mum happened to saw a few nice blouses for herself and we went to Diana shop to buy the dress and the shop owner face was so black as we always go in and yet we still buy the clothes and we rush back to the hotel to get our luggage and take the airport bus to Incheon International airport and we boarded the bus 6008 to Airport .My mum bought her cosmetic stuffs and we took a flight back to Singapore.Departed Seoul offically and on the flight catch  the ending potion of "LES MISSERABLES" , and watch Confession Of Murder and Twilight breaking Dawn 2  and arrive at terminal 3 at 10pm .We had awesome trip in SEOUL and wants to be there again ! 
My sis wore my Korean blue stripe dress 

My New Korean dress that I am talking about and
Leather shoes

KOREA Expenditure 


      ITEMS                                                     PRICE 
1. Black Jacket                                              10,000W
  2.White Blouse                                               10,000W
3.Pink and Grey stripe Cardigan                 10,000W
4.Blue Dress                                                  15,000W
5.Blue Stripe Dress                                        10,000W
6.Tony Moly-Cosmetic                               18,000W
7.Christian Dior Necklace n Earing set          6,000W
8.Pearl Bracelt                                              5,000W
9.Black dress                                                 5,000W
10.ROEM blue Handbag                              49,000W
11.Bagpack                                                  10,000W
12.Tony Moly -Pink Nail polish                     3,000W
13.White jacket                                            5,000W
14.Dot Pen (Faceshop)                                  5,900W
15.Korea Leather Shoe                                 25,000W
16.Blue wedges                                              10,000W
17.Faceshop -Mask                                         10000W
18.Floral Dress                                              60,000 W
Total Amount spent:                                    271,900W
Total  Won- Sin$                                 $316.00