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Chapter 169-Trip to JB
March 11, 2013 - Permalink - 2 Comments
Dear Diary

I went with my dad ,my mum and my dad's friend Uncle Jimmy to Johore Bahru in his car and I was thinking whether I should go with them since I did Know my dad's Friend well and it might be troublesome if I don't know the person to well.My Dad says if you want to go so much then I should go.In the end .I went to JB.It has been a while since I last step into JB since I was working and I felt so relaxed leaving for a short trip to JB to do some shopping and eating.Well, It was 11am when we arrive at JB and we were thinking what to have for lunch and my dad suggested " Bat Ku Teh " but the store wasn't open so we headed to have my favourite duck rice  and it was so nice as I have never ate so much nice food for a long time.

We then later headed towards Jusco and we started off and I rush to the Korean fair where they sell korean Food like Kimchi , and my Favourite Citron Juice and it was pretty Cheap.We ordered 2 bottles of Korean Citron Juice at RM 50.My dad joined his friends to develop  photos while my mum and I went shopping  and I bought a pair of High heel wedges from Padini  and was pretty happy and a set of sleep wear.
My new VINCI  wedges

Went to meet my dad and his friend later on to do grocery and we went for the curry Fish head for dinner and we try some durians... so delicious.Had a awesome day.