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January 14, 2013 - Permalink - 15 Comments
Dear Diary
I am back from my holiday trip from  Bangkok and it was a very good trip at the starting of the year  and let me share with you guys the itenary of the  whole trip.Sorry guys It has been a while since I last update my blog and keep all my readers waiting.

8 January-Tuesday

My family and I took a cab at 10:30 to depart our house to Changi Airport terminal 2 to catch our flight from Singapore to Bangkok.We check-in and we went to the lounge for breakfast at DBS Treasure. We ordered alot of food before taking Tiger Airway Airbus A320.Upon Reaching the gate at 12:20pm .They announce the closing of gate ,We rush in and seated.

Upon Arrival at Bangkok at 1.45 pm ,an hour difference, we get our luggage and passport chopped and we headed to the take the Airport x-press train to the city ( Pata raya station) ,it was very fast and we transfer a train to Pleonchit station and we check in at Novotel for two nights.We took a train to Sapan taksin and to take a boat to Asiatique the riverfront.
Novotel room 

We headed to Asiatique the Riverfront  to shop and we bought a  bath mat and it is my first time be there.It is like a night bazzar .We shopped till 10 before taking a boat and  train to the hotel.

9 January-Wednesday


We went for breakfast at the Square restaurant .It was delicious.We went to Platinum mall to shopped the whole day and I bought alot of clothes and accessories and we went to the mall next door . I bought shoes and more clothes from the other mall and we ate MacDonald for lunch .About 8 plus we went to Erawan for dinner for some thai food .It was good . We took a train to the hotel and my sister and I stay at room 1508 ,my mum room 1509.

10 January-Thursday

Terminal 21- mall 

muse room toilet

My mum decided to go to the Jim thompson and we took a train and my mum bought herself two shirts and a bag and after that we check out of our hotel .We went to  Hotel Muse at Chit leom  for a night.It was an awesome.We went to Terminal 21 mall .It is too expensive and It is like all the branded stalls.we went to health land for massage.It was tiring. Went for dinner at some Japanese food.Headed back to hotel.

11 January-Friday
Vie Hotel room
hotel muse

We checked out of Hotel  Muse and Headed to Vie hotel for a night and we went to Platinum again as we had left some floors out and we completed it and went to Central World and I bought myself a Nataraya blue bag while my mum bought her cosmetic bag. We went back to hotel and rest.

12 January-Saturday

It is our last day at Bangkok ,My Mum and dad bought us to Chatuchak weekend Market and it was very hot and crowed and we did not buy much things as we are rushing for time to take our flight back to Singapore. We enjoyed ourself.