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Chapter 175. Seoul Trip Part 1
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Dear Diary


We are back from our trip from Seoul and the weather was fine and it was neither hot nor cold.We bought alot of stuffs .I have always heard a lot about the places in Seoul, and my recent trip to this capital city has proven the hype right. All that I had seen left a deep impression on me. I visited many outstanding malls with unique concepts, lovely  interior designs of streets and clothes that I never thought I would have known of.
There are so many good restaurant in Seoul that it will be impossible to come up with a complete guide. Instead, I will share some of my favourite places.

ME n My Sis At Courtyard Marriott Time Square- Yeongdeungpo-Gu

  Day 1(Singapore-Seoul-Yeongdeungpo-Gu Courtyard Marriott Hotel)

My sister ,Mum and Dad  woke up early to depart to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to Seoul at 4am  and we were so excited and we decided to stay up.Upon Arrival At Changi Airport we went to check in at Singapore Airlines SQ600 to our checkin gate and we went for early breakfast at DBS lounge for prawn Mee as our flight departs at 8. Boarded the plane on a 6 hour flight to Seoul and watched " A Werewolf Boy " by Song Joongki .It was a good movie and watch Les Misserables till we arrive at Seoul.Upon Arrival At Seoul International Airport, we took a transfer train to collect our luggage and passport chopped before taking a Airport Limousine  6008 to Yeongdeungpo station towards our hotel at  Courtyard Marriott.Check-in and headed for dinner at Shinsegae food Court for Bibimbap and went to buy Bread for tommorrow Breakfast at Paris Baguette.We walk along the Yeongdeungpo underground street where I bought alot of clothes Love the blue stripe dress which you guys in the next episode of my blog.

On our way to SEOUL 

In-Flight lunch 

Prawn Noodle- DBS LOUNGE

yeongdeungpo-gu street

Paris Baguette Cakes
Road Food Stalls

Day 2( City Hall , Dongdaemeun ) 

Early next morning at 11am our journey begans at Dongdaemeun shopping mall and we took the Metro Subway from Yeongdeungpo station to Line 1 to Dongdaemeun Historical and Cultural Park and Exit 14 and we ate JJangmyeon ,tteoukboki ,kimchi pancake and Fish cake to shop at Migzone where my sister bought her pair of shoes at 17,000W and it looks so pretty.Some malls were not open like Good Morning City . Headed to City Hall station, subway exit 10 ,Subway Line 1 or 2 and 50m towards Sinchon and across from Shinhan Bank, next to Woori Bank to eat Ginseng chicken at Samgyetang   to the restaurant as my mum wants to eat it .It is wrap with rice in the Ginseng Chicken soup and I ate abalone porridge before going to catch  MI-SO a performance of costume love story .Didnot manage to take pictures with the cast at the end as they went off very fast. Aigooo!!!

The basic Chicken Broth with Korean Ginseng cost 14,000 won (SGD$15.60), and there are other options and additions of black-bone chicken, Korean wild ginseng and abalone. And they also sell the western style Rotisserie Chicken! (for 15,000 won = SGD $16.75)
Korea Samgyetang’s secret is using very special ingredients, such as specifically 49-days old farm-grown native chicken and 4-year old Geumsan cultivated ginseng.


The soup boiled with ginseng, Chinese dates and garlic, and topped with ginseng wine after serving, was surprisingly light and bland. My guess is this is traditionally a summer dish and thus cannot taste too heavy and strong.
My favourite part was not the chicken meat, but the glutinous rice within which had absorbed flavours of both the chicken and the broth. If you manage this remove all the bones first, it actually feels like a nutritious bowl of ginseng chicken congee. They should also do away with the noodles though – it was carb overkill.



City Hall  station


Rice cake and Fish Cake

Pancake Kimchi 

Yeongdeungpo station


Abalone porridge

Day 3-(Gyeongbokgung Palace-Itaewon-Garosugil)

Early next morning , after our breakfast we took the train from our station  line 1 to Gyeongbokgung Palace exit 5 Subway Line 3 whereby the weather here is very hot and sunny.It is one of the biggest palace in King Sejong time and is greatly blessed  by Heaven and was later burned was reconstructed .We walked the whole place and we saw the villages of ancient times and headed to Korea  Museum and at around 2pm  ,we headed to Itaewon exit 3 Subway Line 6 for lunch and we would not find such nice food as brunch was over so we headed to Macdonald to have Bulgogi Burger which cost 2000 W .It was delicious and   walk the whole street to Garosugil. We  bought Face shop face mask at buy 5 get 5 free and my nail dot pen at 3000W and ate the cutlet food for dinner before heading back and bought Paris Baguette bread for the next day breakfast to Marriott Hotel . 

Itaewon- restaurant n pub

Hanok Village

Olden Palace Times

Modern Times - museum 
National Museum of Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Bulgogi Burger @ macs

Monster Cullet Restaurant - Itaewon