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Chapter 179. New Job-CIMB Trade Services
July 3, 2013 - Permalink - 2 Comments
Dear Diary

It has been quite some time since I last posted ,Well ! I got a new job! I am in CIMB Trade Services and it is my second week at work and the job requires me to do with bills like Bank Guarantee, Export and Import LC, Registering of bills , WREF, Filing and alot more.The people there are quite nice .I miss working in Credit Card Department which I work before at CIMB. The day at work makes me so tired and burn out and I had lunch with my Ex- Colleagues.When we went for lunch ,We saw cute teddy bears near the MRT stations and we took photos with them.Missing my sister who is in Europe who is coming back tommorrow ,enjoying herself. How about you guyys! I am so happy with my Shining inheritance cross necklace- KOREAN and my  love for CHANEL wallet  .It is so sad now that we have to do our own housework as my maid never come back home.

Korean-Drama- Shining Inheritance
My Chanel wallet-loves dearly