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Chapter 181. 22th Birthday
July 12, 2013 - Permalink - 8 Comments
Dear Diary

It is my 22th Birthday and my sister and I went for dinner after at the Prego at Swissotel  for Italy food after work.We went shopping at Raffles City .The restaurant was fully packed and we set on the bar we ordered the duck pizza and pasta.It was very delicious and we decided to buy from the deli shop and we buy the Strawberry Cheesecake and we queue up and I was very pissed off as I was the first want it is first come serve basis and the next customer was very rude and we were very pissed off. WTH !!!  really make us very angry and if I would no I could scold him off.My dad bought me a Hermes watch.No longer 21,Goodbye 21 and I had a great birthday ! Having my celebration tomorrow again and we went to Bali Thai for lunch on my sister birthday !
Green curry- Bali thai

Phai Thai with Tom yam Sauce and Chicken chop
at Bali thai

Mum and sister

Olive rice with chicken at Bali thai

ME and my sis Hermes birthday watch

Spagetti Chef recommendation

Duck Pizza

Prego restaurant with Sister