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Chapter 187.Tony moly 7 Fruit Princess Lip Gloss Review 2
August 12, 2013 - Permalink - 10 Comments
Dear Diary

I am starting today  about sharing about some of my favourite cosmetics brands. A few  years ago I was introduced to Asian beauty brands from a dear friend and it was a turning point for me as they have since become my weapon of choice so to speak. They have great variety, awesome application and results, good combination of quality and price and super cute packaging. What's not to love, seriously!

Since this month's theme is kawaii, I had to start with a brand that I consider to be super cute, Tony MolyTony Moly is a fairly new cosmetics brand, founded in South Korea in 2006. They have a great variety of beauty products ranging from skincare to make up and are mostly available in East Asia. But with the help of the internet everyone can get them ^_^

Another product I use a lot (mostly during the summer) is the Pocket Bunny Mist. I have the Moisturizing  version.   It has a nice smell on a dry face.And I first love them since I started using them since I saw Song Joong Ki the first ambassador of Tony Moly. I picked this up during my recent trip to Seoul but I haven't tried it yet. get me all excited and love the scent of its face mask. Owning the dodo rose perfume bar and Coco  floral perfume bar.And so happy I am a member of Tony Moly and I am Happy being being a Member of Tony Moly

                                             My Products, JYJ  poster and Membership

So what do you think dear readers? Have you ever heard of this brand? Do you own any Tony Moly products? Would you try any of the cosmetics pictured above? Or do you recommend something from this brand that I haven't tried yet? Do share your opinions in the comments ^_^