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Chapter 197. A Busy Schedule Week
October 19, 2013 - Permalink - 2 Comments

Dear Diary

Hello guyys ! It has been a hectic week for me ! the workload has increase a lot of and I had to work and had to work overtime  when I was not paid to work OT ! Due to the Hari Raya holidays,work keep increasing was a little tired of the day load and hearing my parents nagged the whole day ! Makes me frustrated ! Argggh ! A lot of politics in my company ! Yesterday after work went to meet Rashel  to collect some stuff and was really so happy with the item! How are your week! I wonder should I wear the " CAT " ear hairband to work ! your view Please is much appreciated and Yesterday  I ring the Customer up for Supplementary Card  NRIC and this guy  say my Chinese was so lousy !  I laughed ! The way he say it was so unclear and ask me call  her daughter for the documents !

Free Skaters Earring

my Lacey pink bow bracelet

took the black one 

my Lacey Black flower bracelet