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Chapter 190. Etude house -Bling of the Sea- Review 4
August 24, 2013 - Permalink - 7 Comments
Dear Diary

Today I had my braces changed and it is still very painful and the dentist say that I may extract my second last tooth at the bottom left and was a little sad as it seems that does not seems to help in my teeth alignment  and I decided to give a little review of Etude House Products.I Heard that the Etude House Color Pop collection was the last you would see from Etude House for this summer, there is actually also this beautiful, mermaid inspired, Bling in the Sea collection after the Summer Version Nails were out .

The first thing I noticed  was the wonders   the ad above of course the nail polish and checking out latest fashion trends in Etude House thou I am now lest into Etude House. I have to say that I am once again surprised by the nail polishes that Etude House comes up with. There are six Bling in the Sea nail polishes and all of them are glitter nail polishes.

01.Golden Sand
02.Magical Kiss (Pink and Gold)
03.Silver Bubbles( Foam of waves created in the seas with little diamond)
04.Mermaid tears
05.Sea Garden
06.Jewel box


BLing by the Sea


Etude House Bling in the Sea nail polishes For this nail polish collection, you can really easily tell that they were inspired by the sun, sea, and the beach. The nail polishes also have really pretty names, it is almost as if they are elements of an exciting fairy tale. On an island far far away, the sand there is made of pure gold and their princess has long been under a spell that requires a Magic Kiss to awaken her. But before you can get to her, you first need to collect the Silver bubbles from the dangerous sea and also the really rare Mermaid's tears, and then wander through the Sea garden to find a Shiny Jewelry Box.
Magical Kiss
Mermaid tears

Silver Bubble

So I decided to give  it a try ! Well ! I bought the Silver Bubbles- No3, No 2. Magical Kiss and No4.Mermaid tears as I thought that since I have so many Pinkish Nail Polish I should try something new so I was Impressed with the colours.And I was Given a Vacance Wish Kit Belle Dress of spending a Min$30.00  

Body Lotion,bath washes and wonder Pore Fresheners