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Chapter 192. Miracle Girl .Equinox Celebration
September 2, 2013 - Permalink - 10 Comments
Dear  Diary

Hey Lovelies! I am very elated this week as I was glad that I am blessed to receive this  Job at UOB for this position as a Admin officer and when I first heard that I did not get the post as it was a ten minutes interview at United Square ! I was disappointed as I has always wanted to work in the bank and I thought there wasnt any hope for me since my interview was so fast ! A few days later on Last Friday morning I heard a Surprise news that I got the job and they are willing to pay me $1900  instead of their cut off salary pay was $1500.I was full of joy a $400 difference and a year end bonus for completion of Contract ! It was a miracle ! So I decided to accept the job and we went to Equinox for celebration with my mum and Sister ! The food was delicious ! It is at Swissotel Hotel! and It was my first time buffet at that restaurant ! I was very happy and will be starting work this Wednesday.

raw Salmons

Marcoons dives me mad

Yummmy Deserts

Creme Cauliflower

Caramel cake /Vanila n Choco cake

my apertizers
the yummy dessert buffet

Choco cake n strawberry 

Smoked Salmon  + Potato Salad

the delicious cake -Forgot the name


Our apetizers

Lovely marcoons

Mushroom -Ravioli -sister main course

My Salmon with aspargus -Main Course
My TONY MOLY Strawberry Princess
My TONY MOLY Plum princess

Mummy 's well done steak-Main course