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Chapter 194. Beautiful Outing with Aunty Doreen
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Dear Diary

Hello lovelies ❤ ! my family and Aunty Doreen who came all the way from Vancouver to visit her sister came and we brought her around Singapore and  had lunch with her at Tower Club.We ordered many delicious Tim sum. After our delicious meal! We showed her the changes in Singapore and we decided to walked down to Marina Bay! We went shopping and went to Nanyang 183 for tea break and had some chit-chat session as we had not met for a long time and she bought us Chocolat N Spice Muffins and we had a great time before going dinner at Gardens by the Bay.We had an enjoyable day! Happy Wedding Anniversary to Mummy and daddy! and It is also so fast that my grandpa death anniversary is today !
Chocolat N Spice Muffin

Walking Towards -Gardens by the Bay-Lantern

The pathway  Firefly 

The Bridge towards the Gardens by the bay

Boat Lighted 
Changing Light scenes

The Delicious Dinner