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Dear Diary

I would like to share something that I saw on the internet and I think it was rather interesting. 널 미워하게 된 것은 내 머리가 시킨거고
널 사랑하게 된 것은 내 가슴이 시킨거야

it was my head that made me hate you
but it's my heart that made me love you

"그대 때문에 행복을 배웠고
그대 때문에 사랑을 알았는대..."

"because of you i learned what happiness was
because of you i knew love..."

"사랑하는 사람 앞에선,
사랑한다는 말을 하지않는다..
아니...안하는것이 아니라,
못하는것이 사랑에 진실이다.."

"In front of the person you love,
You do not say that you love them..
No..It's not that you don't want to,
It's because you can't..and that's true love.."

누군가를 사랑한다 해도
그가 떠나기를 원하면 손을 놓아주렴.

떠났다가 다시 돌아오는 것.
그것을 받아들여.

돌아오지 않으면,,,,
그건 처음부터 너의 것이 아니었다고,
잊어버리며 살아.

Even if you love someone,
If they want to leave, let go of them.

If they leave and come back,
Accept them back into your heart.

If they dont come back,
Just think that they never belonged to you,
Erase them from your memory and go on.

사랑은 담배와같은것
첨에는 설레임반 호기심반으로
시작하여 피우면 피울수록 독하고 목도 아프지만
잇숙해지면 사랑이 없으면 불안하고 초초하면
마지막에는 불씨가 점점 사라져 나중에는..
아쉬움만 남는것.

Love is like a cigarette.
First, you start because it's interesting and you're curious
But then as you keep going, it's too strong and it kinda hurts
After you get used to it, if it isn't there, you get scared and anxious
Finally, the fire starts to go away
and all you have left is regrets.

최고의 복수는 용서하는 것이다.
The sweetest revenge is to forgive.

。。。★★   ★★━별을좋아하는사람은。。。
。。★∴∴★ ★∴∴★꿈이많고。。。。。。。。

A person who loves stars
Has many dreams
A person who loves rain
Has many sad memories
A person who loves snow
Is pure
A person who loves flowers
Is lovely
A person who loves all of these things
Is in love right now

남자: “왜 울어?”
여자: “그냥. 양파 짤라서.” 헉헉;;
남자: “정말 그것 때매 우는거야?”
여자: “..어.”
남자: “내가 양파냐?”

Guy: "Why are you crying?"
Girl: "Because I was cutting onions." T_T;;
Guy: "Is that really why you are crying?"
Girl: "....yeah."
Guy: "Am I a onion?"

Show it to the person you love,

That this is how much "you're loving them"

The person that you love will reply as well,

"I'm also loving you

사랑해서 미안해요.

나같은 여자 만나게해서 미안해요.

내 마음 감당하지 못해서 미안해요.

i'm sorry for loving you.

i'm sorry that you met someone like me.

i'm sorry that i can't help but feel like i'm not good enough.

"여자네 번째 끼는 반지가 남자 새끼손가락에 맞으면 천생연분 이래."
-- if the ring that fits on the girl's fourth finger fits on the guy's little finger.. it's the match made in heaven.